The Career Counselling Master Trainer Certificate is based on various research on New Education Policy Requirement along with Leading from the Emerging Future of Education and Employment principles and specialized Career Assessment tools designed based Artificial Intelligence and Human Dynamics principles.

The Career Counselling Master Training Courses provides various conceptual knowledge, theory and educational information and psychometric assessments access to individuals like education expert, Counsellors and budding entrepreneurs who want to turn their expertise into profitable businesses.

It will help you identify the Answers of various aspect of your own personal development as Trainers. Like How to activate your capacity to lean into the emerging future of Career and Vocational Guidance. How do you step into action and Lead the Change.

Career Counselling Master Trainer program is an awareness Based Collective Action concepts, developed at CCI, building your capacity to lead transformative change into the students and Young Adults by gliding them to identify right skill set and Career Path.