Accomplish your Compelling Goal and Lead a Purpose Driven Life

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Corporate Executives & Professionals



Psychology Students

Teacher/Social Work, Education & Management student

NGO Professionals

Retired Professionals

Anyone who is interested in Career Counselling & Guidance

Top 10 Benefits

Program Essence


02 Day Online Live Session, with Introduction of CAREER COUNSELLING


02 Week Online Live Session, with Counselling, Career Counselling Training


One Month Program with Live Session on Counselling

Program Highlights

India boasts the world’s greatest young population, with more than 350 million pupils. To maintain an internationally accepted student-to-counsellor ratio, the country need a whopping 1.4 million career counsellors. This opens up a lot of opportunities for enthusiastic experts and aspiring entrepreneurs to enter the market.

The most emphasis is placed on vocational guidance and career development, according to the New Education Policy -2020. This has a significant impact on the demand for education services in India among students and parents. As a result, today’s need for Career Counsellors is unprecedented.

Explore the mindset and methods that enable educational entrepreneurs to mobilize resources and make things happen through upgraded knowledge, Hands on Psychometric Assessment practice.

According to industry sources, career counselling is now one of the most in-demand careers in the world, with a 19% employment rate.

Develop the financial literacy and the resourcefulness that will enable them to start where they are and leverage what they have to make things work.

Grow and expand leadership skills that will enable them to adapt and thrive in today’s increasingly complex, rapidly changing world.

Program Description ! National Career Counselling Outreach Program

Based on Research and Educational Development of various premier institutes and initiated by 


Accomplish your Compelling Goal and Lead a Purpose Driven Life

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Why Enroll in NCCOP

Accomplish your Compelling Goal and Lead a Purpose Driven Life

Be a Leading Councelpreneur and
Make a Difference


Module  1

Career Counselling

Module  2
Career Counselling Purpose & Assessment


Module  3

Module  4

Career Awareness

Module  5

Career Profiling

Module  6

Career Seminars /Workshops / Training

Module  7
Identity Opportunity, Crating Community and Wealth


Module  8

Affiliation / Licencesing form Govt. Of India

Master Facilitator


Diwakar Singh Sikarwar is an experienced Psychologist and Trainer, Registered RCI Professional, Entrepreneurial Skills Facilitator, with 18+ years of proven track record in the Govt. Corporate, Education and Training Field. He is a successful Author, Social Entrepreneur, Founder of Positips Café India Pvt. Ltd., and Counsellor Council of India Digital platform.

Started his career as Psychologist and then worked with different projects of Govt. of India as Consultant in Disabilities Rehabilitation, Violence against Women, Community development, School Counseling, Skill development and Employability Training.

He is a dynamic speaker and Career Coach who has built his platform of Counselling, Career Counselling, healthy life balance and wellbeing on the back of fifteen-year psychologist work and other Govt. and International exposure. Through his education & training programs, he has transformed the lives of over 10,000 participants and helped individuals & organizations produce breakthrough results.

Diwakar is contributing as Mentor for Change in NITI AYOG, INDIA and Helping other to find healthy life balance through counselling and also helps to find a right career path through Career Counselling to the students across in country.



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    About Counsellor Council Of India

    Counsellor Council of India (CCI) was established on November 22, 2017as an Apex body of Counsellors, by coming together of a large number of Professionals, Organizations/Institutions of Counsellors to work for the advancement of Counselling profession in various disciplines and for enhancing the image of counsellors in society, by focusing on quality and accountability of counsellors. “Since 2004, We worked for the development of Psychological Counselling and Guidance through education, research, practice and professional development consulting services. CCI progresses through its expert services to move forward for people’s lives and their well-being.

    Counsellor Council of India`s (CCI`s) primary purpose is to support counsellors and help them better serve their clients with a valid identity. Our Association was formed nearly 15 years ago by a group of counsellors who were passionate about the value of counselling and its potential to improve the lives of individuals and communities. This passion and commitment, and the knowledge that counselling changes lives are still at the heart of everything we do. In the 15 years leading up to November 2017, we undertook a strategic review of our Association’s mission, values and objectives. We consulted with our members to find out what they wanted from us and how we could best support them. This feedback resulted in our new strategy, a restructure of our working pattern and a reprioritising of our resources. At this month of November 2017, we launched our new strategy.

    We introduce this new strategy with a vision and explain how we’ll go about achieving our strategic intents in the coming years. CCI will helps to establish a unique counselling structures in country. (e. g. National Portal for Counsellors) and will gladly serves to the counsellor as per the current demand of time.

    Accomplish your Compelling Goal and Lead a Purpose Driven Life